Thursday, April 2, 2009

why I'm not there.

It's spring, and for most livestock owners....that means babies. I tried to stop breeding, but I owed some lambs. So I am here in Missouri, not in Arkansas. I don't like to leave ewes alone if they are almost ready to lamb.
What I wanted to say, was that I called my contracter today. You have to be a squeaky wheel with contracters. I called to tell him the siding looked great. He said there was some missing. That was news....looked good to me.
But I also wanted to tell him that I fell out of the front door yesterday. Fortunately, I didn't break anything....I'm old enough that I could easily break something with a fall from that height.
The ladder was leaning against the cut off flooring from the old porch, causing some binding on the threshhold. When I pulled hard enough to get the door closed, the ladder tipped and sent me dropping to the ground. Don't ask how I got turned 180 degrees in the fall. But I quickly looked to see if any neighbors had seen me fall.....then limped to the car to recover. I figured the contracter would feel guilty enough to think about getting those porches back on before I wound up in a nursing home. He mentioned painter too. I suppose he was thinking about this old lady standing on a tall ladder instead of a short one. Oh my.....wonder what all that will cost.
I do like doing my own painting. It helps to know the good points and bad of the trim and eves. But this working on a house away from home is tough. There is so much to do...and so little time when I do get there. Right now I am lucky to be gone for a half day. And perhaps until there are more lambs on the ground....we need to keep one of us at much as I would love to have some help that I don't have to pay!
So for right now...the primer is in the can, and the cans are not here. So I may as well sweep the floor in this old house.
Peeps...older but not very wiser.