Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm back!

I am sorry about that, but getting trades people to come and give an estimate is an important part of flipping.
By the way, I spent a little time measuring my victorian yesterday. The more time I have to walk around the place....the more it grows on me. My new tree-trimmer said something about being glad someone was going to fix the house up....because it was a "piece of history". I brought him through the house to admire the falling plaster...and lovely high ceilings. I think he was more impressed with our 150 year old "pin oak" in the front yard.
I decided that the old pedestle sink in the only bathroom is actually nice. If I can only figure out how to close up the holes in the floor used to plumb the fixtures. Seems there is no under the house access to the bathroom....oh well....I like trap doors.
I know, I was trying to impart good information for you on buying as house to fix up.....And, believe me....there are plenty out there at cheap prices right now. If I had time...I would be snooping around Florida right now. Missouri, according to my years of watching the market down valued at about half price of that four years ago.....Some other areas may not be hit quite that hard....maybe 1/3 down. It sure makes it hard to resist looking at another house right now. But, my loyalties are to this lovely old neglected victorian.
My particular house has not had anyone living in it for a long time. The family that moved in before 1930 thinned down to an older man...who clipped coupons, and likely lived alone for10 or 20 years. I heard he saved foil food packages on the stairway. Maybe he wasn't a good cook. I wonder what he had to cook on? No evidence of a stove or refrigerator. Just an old cast iron sink with a wood shelf next to it. No cabinets either. Well, that leaves a lot to my imagination. I am really BAD at kitchen remodels. Ask my former city realtor. I lived in the city house for 25 years....and never remodeled. We had the old cast iron sink there too. But, it was a bigger had a built-in drainboard, and that drainboard was right over a radiator. Instant dish drying and towel drying.....I LIKED my old sink. Even tho it was a second with a circular saw mark across the bottom of the bowl. I haven't cleaned the victorian's kitchen sink out to see how it looks. It has two cast iron legs.....when I walk in the kitchen, I think maybe everything will fit for a modern kitchen....when I come home, I look at the measurements and mentally tear out the wall. Wonder what I will do?
Are you good at kitchen triangles? I can't even remember how many feet are supposed to be left inbetween the sink, stove, and frig. Unfortunately....I don't even like stainless steel. Argh!
Wish there was a kitchen already there....and I could just "save" it.
Peps, going back to my drawing board.

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