Tuesday, February 10, 2009

say yes

When your contractor calls, just say yes. Those guys are hard to find. Hopefully you have found one you trust. Mine called with the final roof estimate yesterday....I AM sitting down, I said.
OK, now I have a figure....of course, now he has to start NOW. Sure. I'll ask the banker for money as soon as I can. Until then, do something...anything. First thing he has to do is cut his way into my back yard to park a car. Did I mention the oak trees down?
I did have bad nows too. The ice storm that tried to drop my porch roof, managed to pull the supports half way out of the brick work. A place they were happily living for over 100 years. So now they have to take the porches off and rebuild them....dang! Not much I can do about it. I am going to be stuck in my valley for days because there are more storm coming over night with heavy rains. Wonder if he can really rebuild a porch to look like the old ones?
On the subject of roofs....he called back to say I must go and pick out my shingle. YOU go pick out my shingles, I am going to be stuck in this valley all week. Oh it's hard to be a house-mother to a victorian. I suppose they are happily tearing my old roof off, right before the storms move in. Wonder where my sleeping bag is? I could use one right now.
Guess I'll go do the dishes and pace the floor for a while.