Sunday, February 8, 2009

time to re-evaluate

OK....We have now owned this particular victorian house for five weeks. If I was fixing this house for resale, I would be anxious to be making progress on something.
Yes, I am anxious to be making progress....any progress forward. So far, we are going the other way.
To date:
1.... A lovely neighboring child used my windows for target practice. He got pretty good shooting out the stained glass pieces in the attic dormer. Fortunately, he wasn't going in the front, because he could have been seen from the street.
2....An historic ice storm crippled the town and surrounding area. Making it impossible for any roofer-so inclined- to climb onto my roof and get a good estimate of the many problems up there.
3....The ice storm also took down many of the trees we had so carefully had trimmed, by our first ever hired tree trimming expert. Those trees are being pushed around on the street by city crews, cut off the wires by the electric crews, guarded by neighbors who have them across their front yard...whoops....and stepped over by me. Stepped over, when I can lift my legs high enough. The entire south west part of the property is so deep in huge oak branches that it can't be navigated. Our tree timmer isn't yet answering his phone....I don't blame him.
4....The ice storm also tried to drop the side porch. This caused several tears to fall, when I sat on the front porch....which did not seem ready to fall on my head, as I surveyed the damage. Oh happy day, we have had an historic ice storm. Wow....lucky huh? My contractor on seeing the situation was moved to prop said porch back up. So now we have two propped up porches and two we have to avoid for our safe-being.
5....The largest window in the house. 52 X 48.....times two. Was broken by the tree limbs or the wind, because it was cracked by a BB gun. Although I tried to pull plastic over the gaping 8 foot hole, I didn't have the tools to fix a lasting repair....or a ladder high enough. So as the severe thunder storms loom over head tomorrow, I will be going to glass or cabinet shops trying to figure out the next thing to do. I don't even know if I can get glass that big....let alone have the old sashes hold it in. Bother.

Now, as I mentioned, I see the house done.....fixed....perfect. I don't see holes in the ceiling, holes in the windows, holes in the floor, broken headers. None of that. I see the house in it's finished state. So today I am excited, because I found a pair of victorian glass wall vases for the entry. Inexpensive too. I had drawn them into my planned room diagrams. The entry is too narrow for a center table, so now I can put flowers on the wall instead.
Nice huh?
Being a victorian lover, I am also totally impractical too. Oh, who cares? We saw a flock of robins moving north last week. Maybe the contracters and tree trimmers will also show up pretty soon.